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At S SQUARED ADVISORS, we are dedicated to allocating our investors' capital efficiently. In our research paper "What's in Your Portfolio and at What Cost?" we examined what we believe to be the relevant valuation factors investors need to consider for efficiency, profitability, valuation, and most importantly margin of safety, along with their average values for S&P 500 Index, a sample value portfolio, and our own US Large Cap Minimum Variance Value Portfolio (MVVP). We have provided a table from the paper below. We invite you to send tickers and quantities of the stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds in your portfolio. We will generate a scorecard for your current portfolio so you can see how you compare to our MVVP strategies. We have yet to see a diversified portfolio maintain the level of exposure to value/quality factors as our MVVP portfolios. For more information regarding the methodology, please request a copy of the paper in our research section or feel free to contact us. 

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