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Over the years, we have written and disseminated research papers to inform our current and prospective investors regarding developments in the volatility and value landscapes we think are important and timely based on market conditions. Below you will find links to request our research papers along with their abstracts. We welcome you to request a copy.


Is a Fat Pitch Coming for Value Investors? (September 2017)
Returns to value investing now are similar to value investing returns before the “Tech Bubble” popped and we illustrate what could possibly come to fruition over the next few years.

What's in Your Portfolio and at What Cost? (January 2018)
We examine what we believe to be the relevant valuation factors investors need to consider along with their current values for S&P 500 Index, the S&P Value Index, and our own US Large Cap Minimum Variance Value Portfolio (MVVP). This paper laid the groundwork for our Scorecard. 

Valuation Matters - Investing at Nosebleed Levels (June 2018)
We analyze and contextualize what future expected returns might be after such a prolonged bull market run coupled with a substantial rise in various valuation measures.

Separating the Men (Value) from the Boys (Growth) (October 2018)
Historically, the two biggest forces that induce investors to change their risk appetite are the Federal Reserve and the economic cycle and we examine how Value and Growth investing evolve during these changes.

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